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My new favorite car is a ... MINIVAN?!

Something must be wrong with me. All my life I've been a car enthusiast. I've been enamoured with cars like BMWs, the Dodge Viper, Ferraris, the Mazda RX8, some of the new Mercedes, etc. In the last few years, I've also really appreciated the Mini Cooper, the Chrysler PT Cruiser (which I am lucky enough to own), and even the new Honda Civic.

Through the years, all sorts of cars have spent time as my "favorite" car. Mostly sports cars and classy luxury cars. Cars with edgy designs and high performance. However, I have somehow found myself really impressed with a minivan. A MINIVAN! Can you believe it. I never would have expected it even a couple of weeks ago. However, this minivan is cool!

It's the new Chrysler Town and Country. What makes it cool? It's the perfect family road trip vehicle. Let me explain. It has swivel seats in the middle row (so the seat turn to face the back seats) and a table you can set up - anyone up for cards or a board game on your next trip? It has a dual screen video system (a screen for the middle row and one for the back row) that can each play a different display. It has console hookups for the screens so the middle row can watch a movie (complete with wireless headphones) while the back row plays games and the front row enjoys not hearing the kids complain. But wait, it gets better, not only does it have satellite radio, but it has satellite TV as well. Don't want to watch a movie, you can watch TV instead. How's that for cool. Got young kids? The seats convert to booster seats - no more car seats to worry about (well, unless you've got toddlers or younger). It has a sound system with a 20 GB hard drive for storing MP3s and a touch screen interface. It has second row power windows. It has 3-zone climate control. It has a third row seat that flips back to become a seat for looking out the back of the van. It has a backup camera so you can see what's behind you. It will even tell you if one of your tires is low. This thing is amazing!

So, here I am thinking about how cool it would be to have this minivan. I guess my family has really taken over my life. Now stuff for the family is as cool as stuff for me. This is a car that would be fun for me, fun for the kids, have super-cool tech stuff, and not be the least bit ostentatious. It's the perfect vehicle.


Stelle said…
From sports car into a minivan? Your choice of vehicle definitely evolved, for the better. :) Just like what you said, you just wanted to focus on your family and your choice is not only to benefit you, but them as well. Anyway, it's been 6 years, are you still using your Cruiser, or you opted for a minivan?

Stelle Courney

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