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Who REALLY Influences Our Elected Representatives

WARNING: This may be a bit cynical.

For the past while, I've thought quite a bit about how to lessen the influence of lobbyists on our elected officials. After some reasoning, I thought that the best way to get rid of lobbyist influence is to not allow them to give money to elected officials. That would mean that only individuals could give money to campaigns; not companies, not lobbyists, not PACs, no one else. After all, if candidates had to appeal directly to the people for their financing, their first loyalty would be to the people. Turns out, I'm a little naive.

Although it would be wrong of me to say that whoever has the most money, has the most influence, it would also be wrong to discount the role of money in politics. A well funded campaign can and many times is the difference between victory and defeat. So where does the money come from? I used to think it was from either voters (individual contributers) or from businesses/organizations (lobbyists, PACs, unions…