Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Arizona's Employer Sanctions Law Seems To Work

The Arizona Legislature recently passed a law that punishes employers for hiring illegal immigrants. It uses fines and the loss of one's business license to "encourage" companies to only hire legal workers. So far, it seems to be working.

When I originally blogged about the immigration problem, I voiced my opinion that border enforcement would not work until we removed the incentive for illegals to come here in the first place. Basically, if they can't find work, they won't come. Well, Arizona's Employer Sanctions law went into effect March 1st and it seems to already be working. The East Valley Tribune recently published a story about school enrollments going down and apartments being vacated due to illegals moving out of the state to avoid prosecution under this law.

Although the long term effects of removing the illegals without any way to replace them with legal workers is still up in the air, the new law looks like it's having the effect that was hoped for.

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