Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our Best Kept Money Saving Secrets!

WARNING: May contain excess amounts of cynicism.

I got an email from Costco today that was entitled "Our Best Kept Money-Saving Secrets!". I'll admit right now that I'm a Costco junkie. I shop there more than just about anywhere else and, judging from the amount of people I see there, a lot of people are like me. So when I see an ad for Costco's best kept money-saving secrets, I'm immediately intrigued. What does Costco recommend for saving money?

So I click on the link provided only to find a list of things to buy. Not just regular things to buy (you know stuff you use every day), but luxury items. Excuse me? OK, how is buying a "Natural Stone Pond and Waterfall Kit" for $799.99 (pictured left) a money-saving secret? How about " Sympathy Heart, Red Roses" for a mere $279.99? This is a money-saving secret? It seems to me that Costco has fallen into the frame of mind that most other retailers are trying to push onto consumers, namely "It's not how much you spend, but how much you save that's important." In other words, if you spend thousands of dollars but "save" hundreds, you're somehow ahead. Sure I might be up to my eyebrows in debt, but I saved so much on my custom made designer window covers!

This is a rare occurrence, but Costco has really disappointed me on this one. I'm sorry but a good price on a modular wine cellar is not a money-saving secret. A good money-saving secret is something like "Spend Less Than You Make." I know, it doesn't sound like a secret but how many Americans are out there that don't seem to know this at all? Well, I bet they're "saving" lots of money.

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