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Democrats, Oil Prices, and the Environment

The Democrats have a bit of a problem right now.  Gas prices are shooting through the roof and they want to say they're doing something about it.  Their plan is a windfall tax on oil companies.  This tax (which the Republicans blocked so it probably won't happen anytime soon - if it happens at all) is kind of a "feel good" tax.  Why?  Because it punishes the oil companies for making too much money but it doesn't help the consumer at all.  Think about it, will gas prices drop because oil companies may have to pay more taxes?  I don't think so.  So it's a tax that makes "the masses" happy because our benevolent government is sticking it to "big oil" but doesn't really help the consumer at all.

So who does it help?  It helps the government by giving them more revenue and it also helps the environment because a way to avoid the tax is to invest in alternative energy.  Hmmm... the environment.  Coincidentally, there are a large number of…