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Politics, Marriage, and Christianity

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the aims of Christians in politics.  I see opinions from the left who are afraid that devout Christians running for office are simply doing it so they can ram their belief system down everybody's throat.  Unfortunately, there are some people on the far right that feed those fears by responding "You're darned right!"  However, I think the bulk of the Christians in this country (at least from my point of view) are not like that.  We do not want a theocracy.  We've seen the issues in other parts of the world and we've looked at our own history and have concluded that theocracies seem to always end up oppressing their people.  We agree with our Founding Fathers that religion should not control government and government should not control religion.  However, we also feel that religion should be the moral compass of our country.  One of the fundamental tenets of Christianity is to love God and love your neighbor (Luk…