Sunday, October 19, 2008

AZ Proposition 202 - Stop Illegal Hiring?

The "Stop Illegal Hiring" proposition (202) sounds great at first.  After all, it makes the penalties more severe for hiring illegals, it gives the money collected in fines to hospitals, and increases the penalties for identity theft.  Doesn't this sound like a great proposition that everybody should vote for?  It sure does and that's the problem.

As I understand it, proposition 202 actually makes the employer sanctions law virtually unenforcable.  It makes is harder to prove that a business knowingly hired an illegal which makes it easier for a business to get away with it.  The information I heard from my state representatives and senator is that the law is basically sponsored by low-wage employers that have been profiting from illegal labor and it's purpose is to sound like it's strengthening employer sanctions while in reality, it's hobbling our current law.

I encourage everybody to read this one very carefully before voting on it.

More information can be found on ballotpedia.


ltlwtduv said...

Great call on Prop 202!

Arizona has one of the best laws on the books in regards to stopping illegal hiring and now we have BIG BUSINESS trying to deceive everyone so they can write
their own law?
They tried 4 times in court to shut down the current law and
LOST, so now they try this!!!


We are joining other Arizonans in an Opposition Campaign to defeat Prop 202 this November 4th in the General Election.

Vote NO on Prop 202
It’s not what they say it is!

May God Protect ALL our innocent children and our boots on the ground who are truly in the line of fire from all terrorist !

United we stand, divided we will lose it all!

ltlwtduv said...