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Gilbert Mayoral Race

Those of us who live in Gilbert have an election coming up.  While its not getting national attention and we're not being bombarded with constant TV ads, I submit that this election will have a far more direct effect on Gilbert's citizens than most others.  Why?  Because the Mayor and Town Council determine things like sales tax rates, property tax rates, how many police officers we have, how many firefighters we have, etc.   They determine things that affect us directly.

The Arizona Republic site ( has a section devoted to the mayoral and town council candidates.  If you are a citizen of Gilbert, I encourage you to read them and then go out and find more information on the candidates.  I, myself, have not found a favorite candidate yet (though I like Lewis and Turner and Skousen for mayor) so I'm still doing research.

This is where the rubber hits the road and where individuals have the most influence (who do you think cares more about your opinion/vote, the mayor or the president?) on their officials.  Let's take this election seriously.


Danika said…
While I'm always interested in the US Presidential race (as much as a non-political person like myself can be), I totally agree that a city & state government is more important to us on a DAILY basis.

Glad we're not in Gilbert anymore. Though I wish they'd update their political phone records so they'll stop calling me about their candidates...
Jeff said…
That's funny, nobody has called me and I still live there. Oh, well.
hamiltonian said…
Turner and Lewis are both great. Lewis just seems to have more experience and networks in the town. Skousen, you have done great, it is time to retire and stop talking about Gilbert getting it's first stop light.

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