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Who Can We Trust: Business or Government?

I was reading an article today that asked how much freedom we're willing to trade for Google convenience.  That, in and of itself wasn't a big deal (although and interesting question), however, in the comments a poster made a very interesting observation:

This idea that government is benevolent and business inherently evil is one of the most destructively successful pieces of government propaganda in recent history.
Well that made me stop and think.

So, is the poster correct?  Let's look at politics.  What are some of the "evils" we hear about a lot in campaigns and from our elected representatives?  How about "Big Oil", "Big Healthcare", "Big Insurance", etc.  The assumption seems to be that any large company and/or industry is inherently evil.  And who will protect us from those huge, evil companies?  Why our benevolent, helpful government of course!

This is the liberal slant you usually hear from the left.  It doesn't help that…