Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Debt Compromise Passes

Wow!  Talk about a last minute save!  The compromise passes and we don't default on our debts... yet.

Unfortunately there's still a lot to be done and a lot of disagreement on how to do it.  As near as I can tell (in very broad terms) the Democrats want to expand revenue and the Republicans want to cut spending/reduce the size of government.  The problem is the lack of compromise.

Our country was built on compromise.  You get some of what you want and I get some of what I want and we both come out ahead.  It seems that in Washington, the tone is just the opposite.  At least with the extreme ends of the political spectrum.  Out there it seems to be I get what I want and then I get more of what I want.  There were those voting against the bill because it didn't cut enough.  There were those voting against the bill because it didn't raise taxes.  In my opinion, both extremes are wrong.

Where is the statesmanship?  Where is doing what's best for the country?  The bill that passed wasn't the best it could have been but it was far better than nothing.  We need to step down from our ideological soap boxes and work together.

So, to my congressman and senators, I say, "If it moves us in the right direction (even if it's not as good as you would like it to be), you'd better have a good reason for not supporting it."  Oh, and incidentally, I don't think Jeff Flake (who I like) has a good reason for not supporting it.  Sorry Jeff.

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