Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why I Support Mitt Romney

Let's face it - we're not doing as well as we could right now.  Government is spending way more than it has and the long term outlook isn't good (in my opinion).  So, why do I think Mitt Romney has what it takes to pull us out of this funk?  I'll tell you - he's a fixer.

Mitt made his fortune looking for how to improve companies.  Lower their expenses, improve their processes, help executives work toward a common goal, etc.  The goal in turning around a company is to make it run more efficiently than its competitors - that way it can charge its customers less and still make more.  He's so good at this that he's made millions doing it.

What if we applied that to government.  I mean what does everybody complain about government?  It's big and bloated right?  So here we have an expert at trimming things down.  Keep the same or better service, just do it for less money.  Government saves money which means the taxpayer (us) saves money which means the deficit goes down without having to try to get Congress to make cuts or raise taxes or whatever the agenda is.  And frankly, getting Congress to do anything is iffy at best.  So, in Mitt, we would have a President that could save us millions (if not billions) without having to pass legislation.  Sounds pretty good so far.

Another big responsibility for the president is foreign policy.  As a businessman, negotiating deals (treaties, etc.) is common.  The trick is to give your customers/partners, etc. what they want while not sacrificing your own interests.  Isn't that exactly what we want in a president?

I support Mitt Romney because I think that when it comes to the real world, he will be far more effective than others who must rely more on ideology than experience.