Friday, April 13, 2012

My New Windows Phone Can't Sync to Google! - Resolved

My wife and I finally took the plunge and got ourselves smartphones.  We got matching Lumia 710 Windows Phones from T-Mobile

They're really cool!

I love the interface, the live tiles, and other features.

I did run into one issue though.  I couldn't sync my Google account (gmail, calendar, and contacts).  This was really frustrating!  It was so bad that I was considering returning the phone.  After all, I do all of my email and calendar in Google.

Fortunately, I found a resolution on the Nokia forums.  Basically, Google makes you pass a captcha test (you know - "type in these letters" sort of test) to log on from a new device.  Well, with Windows Phone, it signs in automatically so there's no option for doing the captcha.  No captcha means no access and you get the following error:

" is currently unavailable. Try again later."
and the error code 85010017.

Well, to fix it, you have to have Google suspend captcha verification.  Simply log into Google, and go here.  It will suspend captcha verification for 10 minutes.  Enough time to start syncing your gmail account with your Windows Phone.

Sometimes I think that it shouldn't be this hard...


OK, whatever the problem was, it seems to have been fixed.  After I jumped through all of the hoops to get my phone working, I went to fix my wife's phone and it was all synced up and going.

This was definitely an issue on the Google side (nothing changed on the phone) but I'm glad it was fixed.

I really am loving the phone!

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