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Finding Therapy Services in Arizona

I can't believe I haven't blogged about this yet! For the last couple of years, my wife and I (and a friend) have been working on product to help those that qualify for therapy services in Arizona. The problem is that once you go through all of the red tape to qualify for state provided services (for example, if your child has autism and needs speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy), you can still end up waiting months before you get the services you need. This is because the system for finding the services is old and inefficient. So we created to help speed up the process.

So what does is allow therapists and other service providers to put their openings on the web. Then those needing the services can quickly find somebody close to them that offers the services they need. The hope is that instead of taking months to find services, it will just take a few minutes.

We've got a beta system up and running with a …

I have a Mac!

I've been itching to get a Mac for a long time.  Ever since they switched to MacOS X they've been getting more and more attractive.  They are sleek, stable, secure, easy to use, and ... expensive.  Yeah, money's been the main issue.  Well I've overcome that issue by getting my sister to loan me hers for a while (about 18 months).  So now I'm the proud user of a MacBook and I think it's pretty cool.

One of the main reasons that I wanted a Mac was for creating DVDs of my home movies.  I've tried some Windows software (Pinnacle Studio and Vegas Movie Studio) and was hamper by stability and usability issues.  But now that I have a Mac, all of that goes away.  Right?  Well, the answer is "I don't know".  Unfortunately, I haven't had time to get my movie collection out and see how well it works on the Mac.  Fortunately, that's hardly the only draw.

I've found this little laptop to be very easy to use (and this from a guy who doesn't li…